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    finally the day has come to post this

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  3. …Wait, which Fatima Zahra?
    — Faissi proverb.

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    i am beyonce, beyonce is me.

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  7. So, a lot of you rebageling the honey bear did not realize that Rosh Hashanah is next week.

    Dude, Rosh Hashanah is next week.

    Yom Kippur is in like two weeks.

    Ya’ll need to get your lives together, man, because the clock is running out!


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    The Maccabeats - Book of Good Life

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    Who is this and why does his t-shirt say مستقبل؟

    This is Dougie Poynter, the bass player from McFly, and I literally have no idea why his shirt says that.

    Oh, thank you! I should probably wikipedia McFly and figure out what the hell it’s about, XD. That word means “future” in Arabic so I was intrigued. Thanks! Shana tovah!

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  10. Who is this and why does his t-shirt say مستقبل؟

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