1. The thing I understand least about the True Blood series finale is how the hell can New Blood be sold in a metal can. How do you heat it up? Fry your microwave? You’d think, sure, they put it in a glass and heat it up then, but there are guys drinking that stuff right from the can in the episode… Gross cold blood, man. That’s gross.


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  4. raise ur hand if you’re ready to ditch your body and become a sentient cloud of cosmic gas



  6. Anonymous said: Can somebody please explain to Goyim that the Neturei Karta are the Jewish equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church? They are vile bigots who don't care one iota about Palestinian suffering; they are just trying to get attention for their ultra-religious cause. There are real Jewish social justice groups like JVP and If Not Now, When who care about dignity for the Palestinian people. The Neturei Karta are NOT one of them.


    I agree 100%.  But why listen to Jews when you can tokenize one of our most abhorrent sects and feel like you’ve done your due diligence in not being an anti-semite?


  7. Thanks for letting me use the terms “jahiliyah” and “off the derech” in the same sentence. I love you, Tumblr. Thank you for listening to my rants late at night when I’m supposed to be writing for work.


  8. One of the reasons why taking Jewish holidays off from with is awkward is this…

    When you’re Jewish in a goyim-dominated workplace any and all obvious Jews suddenly become part of a silent faction that is maybe not recognized and maybe not emphasized but many people just think you’re in cahoots with one another. People get the idea that you and the other yahood are all in step with each other - that you should do some things the same - and your actions become representative of the Jewish community.

    This becomes awkward when one Jew wants to get the High Holidays off, one Jew wants to take Rosh Hashanah off but not Yom Kippur, one Jew is going to work the holidays, and one Jew is so far off the derech that she goes out for lobster bakes with the rest of the staff and couldn’t tell you when the high holidays even are. 

    SO, the most observant one looks crazy (or full of shit) and all of the non-Jews are left scratching their heads because they can’t figure out what a Jew is supposed to do if they have four “different” Jews on their hands. 


  9. …Well, I managed to get Yom Kippur off. But it was CLOSE, man. It was really close. And it was so painful to ask, lol. The “fix” that enables me to have the day off basically involves canceling events I was in charge of that day because there’s just no one else who can take care of it… But I stuck to my guns so I’ll be there at the Jewish Olympics with the rest of you schmucks. I mean, I’m not living in jahiliyah over here but I’m not exactly on the derech either. However, I do have some standards and High Holiday attendance and participation is important. 


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    Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am

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