1. awraqalzaytoun:

    ppl who go out of their way to separate gaza and the west bank from each other for no reason

    ppl who want to “”save”” palestine

    ppl who think the only parts of palestine are gaza and the west bank



  2. ooitnb:

    What do you think love is?

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  3. breerun:


    preach Jada!


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  5. Everyone’s posting photos of their farmer’s market hauls and beach days and we’re just sitting up here in Maine wearing rain boots and sweaters and turning the heat on.


  6. The friendly people that I met on a trail… Three daughters, a dad, a mom in a rhinestone hijab, and all of the girls wearing fancy Eid henna. After exchanging salaams I kind of wanted to ask them to adopt me.


  7. foucault-the-haters:

    • Palestine should be wholeheartedly defended.
    • This defence should never incorporate or accept anti-Semitism.

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  8. Shit, if we ever capsize I really hope that someone does have the good sense to take a thermos into the drink with us. Can you imagine? Floating around in the Gulf of Maine with a PFD and a hot cuppa? You have 30 minutes until hypothermia sets in so you might as well make the best of it. That would be the classiest rescue ever… I want the Coast Guard to find me having a tea party with my colleagues. I’m going to spend some more time thinking about this.


  9. Small craft advisory, 5-7 foot seas, and 25 kt winds. Basically I’m tying my thermos around my neck and wearing my life jacket so at least I’m ready with a flotation device and a beverage when we capsize.


  10. maleeshda3wa:


    I think my selfie problem is getting out of hand..

    This deserves at least a thousand notes !!

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